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Graduation Outdoor Photoshoot PROMO!

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Our outdoor packages are design to provide the best and most affordable graduation photography experience. Our highly experienced photographers will not only capture those loving moment, also to make the session fun, bonding and an enjoyable experience for you, family and friends.

What will you get

- Free high-resolution soft copy for each person

- 2 Hours of photoshoot session

- Maximum 8 person

- Unlimited shots

Additional option

- Additional pax at RM 50 / person

- 1 Hours of extra photoshoot session RM 150

- Express option for DVD to reach you within 4 working days RM 100


Tips on what to wear:  Vibrant and solid colors like yellow, rainbow, baby blue will look good, avoid light green!
Tips on what to bring:  Bubbles, balloons, colorful or vibrant umbrella, props that are meaningful to you and your friends or family, your  fun props like whacky hats or spectacles, don’t have to bring all of those, just suggestions!


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